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Cellucor C4 50x Pre Workout 45sv

Pretraining: Cellucor C4 50x Pre Workout 45sv
Nutrition Info
Nutrition Info
Cellucor C4 50x Pre Workout Formula is designed to give you more explosive energy for the most extreme workouts. Cellucor have pushed the preworkout bar even further with the all new 50x. Now you can get 50% more energy per scoop to power you through the toughest workouts. The base formula of C4 is included with a a 50% increase in Beta Alanine at 2600mg per serve, Creatine Nitrate (1500mg), and Arginine Nitrate (1500mg). C4 50X has two new ingredients: TeaCor for hard hitting energy; and XCELICOR to help the energy last longer. Xcelicor is an innovative product developed by Chromadex and patent protected. It combines caffeine and pterostilbene to slow the absorption and significantly extend the half-life of caffeine by up to 25% - meaning longer lasting energy and less crash. It also means you can get more kick from less caffeine, delivering almost 30% more caffeine into the blood than ordinary caffeine. Cellucor have also added TeaCor which provides Theacrine/Tetramethyluric acidTetramethyluric acid is derived from Camellia Kucha Tea Leaves and Cupuacu (Theobroma grandiflorum). It is an alkaloid with similar adenosie binding properties and stimulant properties to caffeine, as well as anti-inflammatory and analgesic, painkilling properties. The advantage of Theacrine over caffeine is that it doesn't down regulate your adenosine receptors, and when used alongside caffeine (as it is found naturaly in kucha tea) it helps prevent the down regulation that occurs with regular use of high caffeine. This should help avoid the tolerance that many people develop with regular preworkout use meaning you can stick with the once scoop dosage and still get the kick. A caffeine tolerance can form in as few as three or four days, while studies on theacrine have showed consistent use for over 1 week without any tolerance forming.
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Cellucor C4 Mass is the first preworkout formula designed to aid mass and energy.

Most preworkouts are too high in stimulants and fatburners to aid mass gain and decent muscle gain, and simply give you energy at the expense of gains. Now you can get your preworkout kick, whilst aiding lean mass gain with C4 Mass. If you are serious about putting on size, you need energy to train and carbs to grow. Whether you’re a hard gainer, or simply trying to add lean muscle to your physique, sometimes the training isn’t enough. A diet that supports growth, and supplements that help the body maximize its potential, are crucial for success. Don't make the mistake of thinking you need to cut carbs to stay in shape. When you are training to put on mass, carbohydrates are a MUST. They play a vital role in fueling your body for intense exercise and are critical for replenishing your glycogen stores after a workout.

Carbohydrates create the optimal environment for building mass by spiking insulin levels, which helps shuttle creatine and essential nutrients to the muscle to support muscle repair and overall growth. An optimal dose of the right carbohydrates can create an insulin spike. With Cellucor C4 Mass you get the high-energy profile of the flagship C4 plus an advanced and proprietary Creacarb blend of creatine and carefully selected carbohydrate sources, including dextrose and polydextrose. C4 Mass has key components for long lasting energy, including the new breakthrough ingredient, TeaCor, to help you push through your toughest workouts. Each serve gives you 2.5grams of creatine monohydrate, along with 25grams of carbs, 150mg of caffeine, 1000mg of Creatine Nitrate (providing 600mg creatine and 400mg of nitrates) plus Teacor and L-Tyrosine.

How should I take C4 Mass?
We recommend to take one servings mixed with 6oz of water, 20-30 minutes prior to training. Once your tolerance has been assessed, you may take an additional serving with your first serving, in 6 more oz of water, prior to training.

How much caffeine does the C4 Mass have?
The C4 Mass contains 150mg of caffeine per serving.

How is this different from the Generation 3, M5 Reloaded?
While the M5 Reloaded and C4 Mass are both formulated with ingredients that promote Mass building through Creatine and Carbohydrate support, the C4 Mass contains ingredients found in our flagship preworkout product C4 to provide energy and focus.

I am currently taking a PDE-5 medication for ED, why is there a warning on the label not to take this?
Because of the nitrates ability to relax the walls of the blood vessels to promote increased blood flow, nitrates are frequently included in men’s sexual health products. Taking nitrate ingredients and PDE-5 inhibitors at a similar time could cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. Because some dietary ingredients also act as PDE inhibitors, please consult a licensed qualified health care professional before taking this product with any dietary supplement, product, or medication.

Why does my skin have an itchy/tingling feeling after taking the C4 Mass?
The C4 family of products are formulated with the amino acid Beta Alanine, which supports muscular endurance, and often has a tingling/itching effect experienced by users about 10-20 minutes after consuming the product.

Can I stack other Cellucor products with C4 Mass?
You certainly can, however you want to make sure to not take in an excess of nitrate ingredients, nor stack stimulant based products such as pre-workout and weight loss products. One stimulant based product to be used at a time (C4 Family of products, SuperHD, D4 Thermal Shock) Product with higher concentration of nitrate based ingredients such as the C4 family, NO3, and CN3 are recommended to not be used together.