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Biotest Tribex Blue

Biotest Tribex Blue - the most powerful natural Test Booster available in NZ. Biotest Tribex is the king of Test boosters and is designed to boost your natural T levels into the “high normal” zone. That’s cool because you not only get the benefits of having elevated T levels, you don’t get any of the negative side effects associated with steroid use. Tribulus Terrestris, one of the main ingredients in Tribex, has always had a rep as an “okay” Testosterone booster. Why just “okay?” Well, most companies would buy whatever cheap crapola that was available and stick it in their products. Hey. Tribulus is Tribulus, right. Wrong! As it turns out, there are about a million things that affect the quality and effectiveness of this super herb. What separates Tribex from other products on the market is that Biotest pays very careful attention to all these factors.
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Biotest Tribex contains a highly potent, one-of-a-kind extract of Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris that’s manufactured exclusively for Biotest. In fact, studies show that Tribex blows away all similar products on the market, in terms of overall effect and protodioscin content. Tribex is the only product of its kind on the market standardized for all four active ingredients: protodioscin, methylprotodioscin, and tribulosaponins A and B.

Tribulus serves as a Luteinizing-horm-one secretagogue (LHS). In other words, it causes the release of Luteinizing horm-one, which in turn signals the testes to produce more Test . And of all the T-boosting compounds on the market, Tribulus is the most powerful.

Vitex also works as an LHS, but it also acts as an anti-progesterone and anti-prolactin agent, lowering progesterone and prolactin. Progesterone and prolactin are particularly nasty hormones, in that they cause — much more than estrogen — storage of body fat and mental depression. Prolactin can even cause lactation in men. And, by lowering progesterone and prolactin — just like lowering estrogen — you'll increase Testosterone through various feedback mechanisms.

What makes the New Tribex more effective than the old formula?

Recently, Biotest Tribex was improved yet again and now contains Vitex Agnus Castus.

The Vitex Agnus Castus used in Tribex is a very specific mix of phytochemicals which are extracted from vitex, so it's not the classical extract one would typically find. One of the compounds in this extract may lower prolactin, and thus may increase the responsiveness of the testicles to LH, amongst other potential benefits from decreasing prolactin. Vitex Agnes Castus may also act as a potent estrogen inhibitor.

Here’s the real skinny: You know that friend of yours with naturally high T levels? You know, the one that can put on muscle easily, drop fat with no problem, and make time with the ladies like a pro? Tribex, the great equalizer, can get you there, too.

Sex and Muscle go together like success and beautiful women. And if you’re like most red-blooded guys, you can never get enough of either. Well, there’s a way that you can increase your body’s ability to pack on lean mass, and at the same time, jack libido through the roof! Maintaining optimal levels of Test is one of the keys to gaining muscle faster, as well as enjoying a healthy sex drive. Likewise, decreased T levels results in the unthinkable - lacklustre performance in the gym and in the bedroom. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, gaining muscle, losing fat, experiencing a healthy sex drive, and even feeling good is directly related to your Test levels.

And that's why we made the change to Biotest TRIBEX.

Supplement Facts:

Serving size: 2 tablets
Servings per container: 37 serves

Contains per 2 tablet serve:
Tribex™ formula..............900mg
Biotest Super Concentrated Extracts: Tribulus Terrestris, Vitex Agnus Castus

Recommended use:

As a dietary supplement, take one or two tablets in the morning and one or two tablets six to eight hours later, each time on an empty stomach with 8 oz of water. Do not exceed six tablets in any 24-hour period and do not exceed cycling guidelines.


Use in cycles that include five days on and two days off per week. CYCLING EXAMPLE A: Take four days on and one day off, followed by three days on and one day off, repeat (4/1, 3/1; 4/1, 3/1... ). CYCLING EXAMPLE B: Take five days on followed by two days off, repeat (5/2; 5/2... ). ALLOW UP TO FOUR WEEKS TO ATTAIN FULL EFFECTS.

Other Ingredients:

microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmelose, calcium carbonate, sorbitol, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, maltodextrin, dextrose monohydrate, titanium dioxide, lecithin, FD&C blue #1, FD&C blue #2.


Do not take if you are female, especially if pregnant or breast feeding, elderly or under the age of 18, chronically ill, or taking any prescription or over-the-counter medicine, including but not limited to antidepressants (such as MAO inhibitors), stimulants, allergy medications, and medications for high blood pressure or other cardiovascular conditions. Discontinue use if you experience dizziness, headache, nausea, or heart palpitations. If you have trouble sleeping, do not take within 6 hours of bedtime. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.