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Gluten Free (25 to 48 of 67)

ES Sport Nutrition carries NZ's best range of specialised Gluten Free Sports supplements and Gluten Free protein powders for sport and general health. We've got gluten free protein bars and energy bars, Gluten free energy gels, Gluten Free Whey protein powders, and Gluten Free Vegan and Vegetarian plant protein powders. Please note that Europe and North America allow up to 20mg (milligrams) of gluten to be present in Gluten Free Foods. The FDA in the USA has just announced that new standards be set with Gluten Free products that must contain less than 20ppm (20 parts per million. NZ Manufactured Gluten Free Foods have a Zero limit of allowable Gluten hence why many NZ foods currently state No Gluten containing ingredients and not Gluten Free. Currently there is some debate as to whether the North American and European standard should be allowed in NZ.