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Lotus Foods Glucose Powder 250g

Lotus Glucose 250g
Lotus Foods Pure Glucose powder contains 100% pure dextrose monohydrate which provides a source of simple sugars from pure glucose, the brain and bodies preferred source of fuel. Glucose has a Glycemic index of 100 the highest rating possible and is what all other carbohydrates are rated off. Lotus Glucose is produced through the hydrolysis of wheat starch, however is Gluten Free. Glucose can be used post-training for rapid replenishment of muscle glycogen to refuel energy stores. It can also be used during training and events as a fast source of energy.
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Nutrition Information:

GMO Free
Gluten Free
Nut Free
Dairy Free
Lactose Free
Wheat Free
Soy Free

Packed in Australia from Imported Ingredients (China)