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Cytosport Cytomax

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Cytosport Cytomax is ideal for use for all use by all sportspeople to help enhance your endurance and stamina, whether you're a runner, cyclist, team sports person, or gym goer, Cytomax will help you perform stronger for longer. Cytomax is one of the most advanced sports drinks on the market, designed to rapidly replenish energy stores, whilst buffering lactic acid and boosting essential electrolytes during exercise. Cytomax provides 22 grams of carbohydrates per serve from multiple sources using the body’s ability to transport and deliver energy through unique pathways. Its blend of complex carbohydrates, and sugars includes glucose, and fructose, combined with lactate, work to sustain energy, so you can train harder, build stamina, and achieve superior results Relying on the Advanced Carbohydrate System, and Cytosports proprietary alpha-L-Polylactate, Cytomax Sports Performance Mix broke new ground in the world of sports nutrition when it was first introduced n 1989. It has been fueling and hydrating elite athletes ever since.
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Cytosport Cytomax is Gluten Free and Lactose Free. Naturally Sweetened with Stevia.

In a University Study, the Alpha-L-Polylactate found in Cytomax was shown to: Provide Energy 3X Faster and 3X More Efficiently Than Glucose. This breakthrough allowed athletes competing in a long hard ride (90 minutes at 65% VO2max) to sprint 22% longer on Cytomax than when consuming another popular sport drink.

CYTOMAX® SPORTS PERFORMANCE MIX is designed to deliver energy quickly and efficiently. The ADVANCED CARBOHYDRATE SYSTEM (ACS), electrolytes, and AMINO ACID PEPTIDE BLEND in CYTOMAX provide nutrients to help hydrate, fuel working muscles, and spare muscle glycogen to delay fatigue

Q:What are the benefits of Cytosport Cytomax?

A: Each serving of Cytomax Sports Performance Mix provides 22 grams of carbohydrates (maltodextrin, crystalline fructose, dextrose, alpha-L-Polylactate). We include this mix of carbohydrates because they can take advantage of the body’s ability to transport and deliver energy through unique pathways.


A: With simple planning Cytomax Sports Performance Mix can be an integral part of an exercise and nutrition program for a person with diabetes. It is now well established that exercise is beneficial for most people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. When used appropriately, Cytomax Sports Performance Mix can aid in making exercise both more enjoyable and effective. Because individuals with diabetes must closely monitor their carbohydrate intake the directions and use information listed may need to be modified to fit each individual’s needs. For this reason we recommend that before embarking on any new diet or exercise program a person with diabetes first consult with their physician.

Our products are tested for athletic banned substances in compliance with the NSF International Certified for Sport® program, which includes semi-annual facility audits, verifying that no NSF 306-Certification Guideline Annex A List banned substances exist in our facility.

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