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NUUN BOOST 10 tabs

NUUN Boost
NUUN Boost
NUUN Boost
NEW NUUN BOOST Tabs with Caffeine, rrp $15.90/$125 a boxlot, now $14.50 each or Boxlots of 8x Tubes for just $112 ($14 a tube).
Nuun Boost Electrolyte tabs give you that little bit extra, so you can go that little bit further. Nuun have taken their essential electrolyte mix that you know and love, and have boosted it with a natural caffeine kick from green tea and energizing B Vitamins. No Sugar. No space program. No 2000% of anything. Nuun Boost provides the essentials for performance through balanced hydration and sustained energy. Designed to give you a lift and elevate your hydration, Contains caffeine from green tea extract, b-vitamins, and our signature blend of optimal electrolytes. Nuun uses Clean ingredients, is Low in calories and sugar and contains NO Artifical Sweetner, No Sorbitol, and No Aspartame.
Gift Ideas:
NZD $15.90 - $125.00 inc. GST
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1x Tube NZD $15.90 $14.50
Box Lots (8x Tube) NZD $125.00 $112.00
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Nuun Boost is Gluten-free and Vegan.
One tube of nuun contains 10 tablets. each tablet makes one 16oz sports drink (approx. 500ml).

NUUN Active is Vegan and Gluten Free

each tablet contains:
Energy = 10 calories
sodium: 360 mg
potassium: 100 mg
magnesium: 25 mg
calcium: 13 mg
vitamin c: 38 mg
niacin: 20 mg
vitamin b6: 2 mg
vitamin b12: 6 mcg

caffeine: 40 mg
other ingredients include:
caffeine sourced from green tea extract
plant based sweetener monk fruit and a touch of stevia leaf extract to provide a crisp and light sweetness
non-gmo sourced dextrose to increase the speed of absorption and hydrate you faster
avocado oil for processing
for full ingredient and nutrition details please check out individual flavors on our shop page, as details vary.

this product contains caffeine which may not be suitable for children. please consult with your physician with any concerns before using this product.

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