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Reactiv Pure NZ Pro Iso XF WPI 1.1kg

Reactiv Pure NZ Pro Iso XF WPI is the highest quality and most effective whey protein that money can buy. If you're training in the gym and looking for the ultimate in recovery and muscle gain, you can't buy a better protein. It has been manufactured by Cross Flow Micro-Filtration method, it's exceptionally pure and retains the highest levels of biological activity and undenatured protein. For the lowest calorie, most biologically active Whey Isolate, this is the one to go for. Cross Flow Micro-Filtration (CFM) is a natural, non-chemical process that uses industry leading technology to preserve healthful components found naturally in whey. Unlike Ion Exchange Whey Isolate which uses acid to wash the protein down during manufacture, Reactiv Pro Iso uses no acid or excessive heat, this maintains a high protein percentage with very low lactose and fat, however making CFM Isolate more renowned for additional health benefits over other Whey Isolates.
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Natural (additive and flavour free)

Maximum biological activity Whey Isolate
Great Whey for the lactose sensitive
Ultra low fat and ultra low carbohydrate

What is Pure New Zealand Pro Iso XF?
Pure New Zealand Pro Iso XF is the cleanest, most health supportive form of Whey Protein Isolate.

Pure New Zealand Pro Iso XF is perfect if you're searching for exceptional quality Whey Isolate. It's the way to go to avoid additives like sweeteners and flavours - and it's free from hormones (you know, the ones in some dodgy imported Whey). No extra ingredients, or fillers have been added - all that's in the formula is 100% pure New Zealand Whey Isolate. This means more protein gram for gram compared to alternatives. It also means less of what you don't want.

From healthy, New Zealand Dairy
Reactiv Pure New Zealand Pro Iso XF is made right here in New Zealand from whey sourced from local dairy farms with healthy cows. This means you are safe from exposure to rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone). Many nutrition powders on the market are made from ingredients produced overseas. In other countries laws allow cows to be injected with rBGH. rBGH stimulates greater production of milk and causes suffering for millions of cows by making them sick. It's not a legal requirement for hormone tainted protein powders to identify this. To be sure, always look for 'No hormones' somewhere on the label.

How to Use
Reactiv Pure New Zealand Pro Iso XF powder mixes easily with a spoon or shaker. When mixed with water it has a neutral taste and smooth texture. Your own flavour can be added to create your own shakes or it can be used plain. Some flavouring ideas are our 'Flav A Shake' flavour system, drinking cocoa, or fruit. To increase the protein content of your baked items such as muffins or pancakes it's also very useful.

Eco Friendly
We want to play a role in helping protect our environment. Part of this philosophy is utilising environmentally friendlier packaging. Our pack system creates considerably less landfill than comparable plastic tubs, and has a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

100% Cross Flow Micro-Filtration Whey Protein Isolate (from Milk), Instantiser (Soy Lecithin).