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GU Energy Stroopwafel Gluten Free

Gluten Free Bars: GU Energy Stroopwafel Gluten Free
Nutrition Info Salted Choc
Nutrition Info Salted Choc
Wild Berries
Wild Berries
The Gluten Free Gu Energy StroopWafel is not your average waffle, this syrup-filled creation has the nutrients that make GU products great, each 32gram waffle gives you 140-150 calories with around 23grams carbs, a small amount of fat and protein along with sodium and potassium. It delivers all the nutrients needed to power your performance during long distance endurance sports or events: quality carbohydrates with immediate and long-lasting energy from complex and simple carbohydrates, essential amino acids , and electrolytes to help replace what’s lost when you sweat. The Stroopwafel is made with gluten free ingredients - organic Rice Flour, Organic Tapioca flour and organic potato starch.
GU Energy
30g waffle
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GU Energy Stroopwafel Info:

Is the GU Energy Stroopwafel gluten free?
The Wild Berries and Salted Chocolate flavors are GLUTEN FREE. The Caramel Coffee and Salty’s Caramel flavors do contain gluten.

Is the Stroopwafel Kosher?
Yes! All flavors are certified kosher.

Is the Stroopwafel vegan?
No, all flavors are made with organic eggs.

What flour is used in the Gluten Free flavors?
We use a gluten free flour blend that included organic rice flour, organic tapioca flour, and organic potato starch.

How do you eat the Stroopwafel?
Rip open the single serving packet and take a bite! It’s good before you run or ride, during long duration activities, and even to fuel up after you finish. We like to enjoy Stroopwafels with a hot cup of coffee, and if you let the steam warm the waffle, it tastes even better!

How does the caffeine in Stroopwafel help me?
The Stroopwafel comes in both caffeinated and non-caffeinated flavors. Salted Chocolate and Salty’s Caramel are CAFFEINE FREE. Wild Berries and Caramel Coffee contain 20mg of caffeine. Caffeine consumption during exercise improves performance in several ways: it sharpens focus and perks you up; but more importantly, it helps the body produce more power, reduce the pain of hard efforts, and may even tap fat for fuel during exercise. All of this prolongs your ability to exercise at a high intensity. We use just enough caffeine to jump start this benefit and no more.

Is the Stroopwafel safe for children?
Yes, definitely! It’s good for anyone who needs energy when playing, on a hike, or just being active. You probably want to keep them away from the flavors that contain caffeine; no need to make them more hyperactive.