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  • Reactiv Beta Alanine 100gram NZD $44.90 $33.90
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    Beta Alanine is being used more and more by those participating in sports that require explosive bursts and high endurance capacity. Reactiv Beta Alanine is a pure powder with no additives, flavours, colours, or preservatives. Beta Alanine is an amino acid that may help your body form Carnosine. Carnosine is used by the muscle cells to buffer against acidity (low pH) during exercise. This acidity or Low pH is caused by the build up of Lactic Acid and Hydrogen Ions in your muscles, normally indciated as the muscle burn you feel during activity. A excessive build up of lactic acid reduces mus... more »
  • Reactiv Creatine Monohydrate Creapure 300gram NZD $39.90 $32.90
    Save 18%
    Reactiv Creatine provides 100% Creapure manufactured Creatine Monohydrate. Creapure is recognised around the world as manufacturing the highest quality creatine. When selecting Creatine there's a broad range of quality. Inferior raw materials and production methods result in impurities – worldwide authorities warn about health risks resulting from these. World renowned for its strict specifications, high quality and purity, Reactiv Defining Nutrition use patented Creapure brand Creatine made by Degussa AG in Trotsberg, Germany. Advancing Creatine technology further, Creapure is 'micronised' ... more »
  • Reactiv Defining Whey Premium 2.2kg NZD $129.90 $98.90
    Save 24%
    Hot Natural Protein Deal 2.2kg/74 serve Defining Whey Premium rrp $129.90 now $98.90, while stocks last. Defining Whey Premium Protein is a 100% Ultra Filtered whey protein concentrate that's very low in carbs and fat, and is made here in New Zealand. Due to its unique protein profile it's ideal for your muscle building, or weight loss program. It's also great if you want to boost general all round health and energy levels. Defining Whey Premium has no artificial sweeteners, and contains no Soy or GMO ingredients. It is an extreme high purity Whey Protein Concentrate produced ... more »
  • Reactiv L-Carnitine Fumarate 100g NZD $49.90 $39.90
    Save 20%
    Reactiv have identified that L-Carnitine Fumarate offers more benefits than other types of L-Carnitine. Other more commonly used forms of L-Carnitine normally attract water which cause it to deteriorate rapidly. The Reactiv L-Carnitine ‘Fumarate’ form helps to offer increased stability and potency along with the key additional benefit of the addition of the Fumarate component. Fumarate (along with L-Carnitine) is found naturally in the body and is an integral part of the Kreb’s cycle (Citric Acid Cycle), a major energy producing pathway in our body. By providing this ‘raw material’ (... more »
  • Reactiv Pure NZ Isolate WPI 1.1kg NZD $92.00 $81.50
    Save 11%
    Pure New Zealand Isolate is perfect if you're searching for the highest quality protein. It's the way to go to avoid additives like sweeteners and flavours - and it's free from hormones (you know, the ones in some dodgy imported whey isolate). Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) is the most pure, but also the most expensive form of whey available today. The reasons for this are the special production techniques which result in whey around 92% pure protein. Pure New Zealand Isolate is produced by a careful 'Ion Exchange Ultra Flitration' method, leaving virtually no fat or sugars / lactose per serve. Th... more »
  • Reactiv Pure NZ Pro Iso XF WPI 1.1kg NZD $94.00 $82.50
    Save 12%
    Reactiv Pure NZ Pro Iso XF WPI is the highest quality and most effective whey protein that money can buy. If you're training in the gym and looking for the ultimate in recovery and muscle gain, you can't buy a better protein. It has been manufactured by Cross Flow Micro-Filtration method, it's exceptionally pure and retains the highest levels of biological activity and undenatured protein. For the lowest calorie, most biologically active Whey Isolate, this is the one to go for. Cross Flow Micro-Filtration (CFM) is a natural, non-chemical process that uses industry leading technology to preserv... more »
  • Reactiv Pure NZ Whey WPC 1.1kg Soy Free NZD $65.00 $53.90
    Save 17%
    Reactiv Pure NZ Whey WPC - 100% SOY FREE. Pure New Zealand Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) is perfect if you're searching for quality protein. It's the way to go to avoid additives like sweeteners and flavours - and it's free from hormones (you know, the ones in some dodgy imported whey). Reactiv Pure New Zealand Whey is made right here in Aotearoa from whey sourced from local dairy farms with healthy cows, this means you're safe from exposure to rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone). Many nutrition and weight loss dairy powders on the market are made from ingredie... more »
  • Reactiv Pure Rice Protein 1.1kg NZD $59.90 $51.90
    Save 13%
    Reactiv Pure Rice Protein is a very high quality, alternative protein - considered to be one of the best sources of non animal proteins. It's useful for anyone who is unable to, or does not want to use Dairy protein, or Soy protein. It's a great option for Vegetarians and Vegans. To avoid specific allergens such as wheat, gluten, eggs, dairy, and soy it's the ideal protein supplement choice. Rice Protein is non GMO and its excellent amino acid profile makes it a suitable alternative to Whey protein. It has a healthy nutrition profile, and is low carbohydrate and low fat.... more »
  • Reactiv TR2 Fat Burner NZD $89.90 $68.90
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    The Reactiv TR2 Fat burning formula is a safe, carefully balanced ratio of thermogenic ingredients designed to help you burn body fat. Put simply by increasing the rate of a process in your body called thermogenesis you can turn up the speed of your metabolism. The rate your metabolism operates at is what ultimately controls the speed at which you burn fat and lose weight. When your goal is fat loss your main priority should be focusing on each of the ways you can speed up your metabolism. One way is through exercise. The other way is through nutrition. Incorporating certain nutrients into you... more »