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Genr8 Vitargo

GENr8 is an evidence-based performance nutrition company. University studies in humans prove their products are superior to the fastest carb: maltodextrin. GENr8 is one of the rare companies led by a nutrition science expert Anthony L. Almada, MSc, FISSN, Nutritional/Exercise Biochemistry, UC Berkeley; co-founder of EAS; with 38 years of nutrition science, clinical research and industry experience.
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    GenR8 Vitargo S2, is a patented, engineered starch, a sugar-free carbohydrate for fueling both before and during training or events, and recovery for any intense training or competition. Vitargo S2 is virtually bloat-proof, produces a 2x faster glycemic / rise, and promotes 1.7x faster muscle glycogen and performance recovery. No other starch product has this evidence, especially waxy maize or special "homopolysaccharides". Vitargo S2 can be made into a drink, a gel/pudding, or frozen, and can be mixed with any other low to zero carb nutrition product, especially pre-workout and protein produc... more »