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Endura Sport Nutrition

  • Endura MAX NZD $59.90 $55.90
    Save 7%
    HELPS ALLEVIATE MUSCLE CRAMPS AND SPASMS DURING TRAINING AND EVENTS. Endura Max Cramp and Muscle Ease contains ingredients which may protect your body against the oxidative stress and damage of physical training, including a high dose of Meta Mag, a patented form of magnesium that’s highly absorbable and easily digestible to help alleviate muscle cramps. Taurine may increase exercise performance by increasing VO2Max (maximal oxygen consumption), exercise time to exhaustion and maximal workload. Take Endura™ Max every day to assist in maintaining normal muscle function and... more »
  • Endura Optimizer Recovery 1.4kg NZD $99.90 $92.50
    Save 7%
    Fuel your body to perform and recover at lightning speed with Endura Optimizer. Endura Optimizer contains the optimal balance of fast digesting protein from hydrolysed whey protein isolate, high performance carbs, and electrolytes in one convenient formula to meet the needs of athletes. Carbohydrates and protein are provided in a 6:1 ratio (60g carbs to 10g protein) for effective glycogen restoration required after training and racing. With Endura Optimizer you can train harder, race faster, and recover quicker. ... more »
  • Endura Rehydration Low Carb Fuel NZD $35.90 $32.90
    Save 8%
    Endura Rehydration Low Carb Fuel provides the performance benefits of Endura, but with less than 1.3 g of carbohydrates per dose. This makes it a great choice for sugar and calorie conscious exercisers, daily hydration, and athletes wanting to separate their hydration and carb sources. Free Form Artifical Sweeteners, Low Carb Fuel has been formulated with Natural Sweetener Stevia, and Natural and Nature Identical Flavours, and Natural Colours. Low Carb Fuel uses the same clinically trialled rehydration electrolyte formula in their Performance fuel, with 176mg Sodium and 67mg Potassium per ser... more »
  • Endura Rehydration Performance Fuel (NEW) NZD $47.90 $44.90
    Save 6%
    The all new Endura Rehydration Performance Fuel uses a clinically trialled rehydration formula, proven to improve endurance performance. With 20grams of quality complex carbohydrates from maltodextrin and a small amount of fructose, it is ideal for during sport and training as an Isotonic formula, and can be mixed at a higher concentration to make an Hypertonic formula for use as a pre-event carbohydrate loading and electrolyte loading formula. To guard against muscle cramping and electrolyte loss from sweating, Endura Rehydration Performance Fuel features Endura's Patented form of Magnesium... more »
  • Endura Sports Energy Gel NZD $3.00 $2.90
    Save 3%
    Endura Sports Energy Gels provide a small dose of caffeine to help aid fat metabolism, and a blend of immediate impact and slow release carbohydrates to sustain energy levels. You can carry them on you during training and just take with water as you need to help keep glycogen levels and energy up. They are suitable for taking either during the whole event, or to get you through when you hit the wall.NB: All Flavours now contain Caffeine - 8.5mg per sachet.... more »