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Clif Bar

Get your Clif Bar fix from Endorphin Systems shipping the full range NZ wide - Clif Bar Energy Bars, Clif Shot Gels, and Clif Shot Bloks.
  • CLIF SHOT Bloks NZD $7.00 $6.50
    Save 7%
    Clif Shot Energy Bloks give you easily digested carbohydrates, sodium and added caffeine in FIVE flavours, in easy to eat bite sized carbohydrate cubes. They come in a pack of 6 chewable, 33 calorie bloks, making it easy for endurance athletes and sports people to keep track of caloric and electrolyte intake during long training, events, and sports. . Clif Shot Bloks give enhanced energy and endurance during long distance training and endurance sports. Each FastPak contains 6 Energy Bloks, with 3x Bloks providing 1x Serve. Each Pack provides 2 Serves. See Nutrition Facts below for ... more »
  • CLIF Shot Energy Gel NZD $4.00
    Clif Shot Energy Gels are Now available in FIVE Flavours. CLIF SHOT Energy Gel uses a blend of complex carbs from maltodextrin with simple sugars from organic dried cane syrup. This unique blend of carbohydrates gives you a fast working energy boost, along with 60mg of sodium from sea salt provides quick energy to endurance athletes while racing and training. If caffeine is your freind tyou can choose from three levels - 25mg in Citrus for a subtle boost, Mocha for a 50mg hit, or the high strength Double Expresso Turbo with 100mg of caffeine, similar to a single shot of espresso from your fa... more »
  • CLIF bars NZD $4.00 $3.90
    Save 3%
    Clif Bars come in so many flavours it's hard to choose a favourite. With a mix of carbohydrates, protein and fiber, CLIF Bars supply you with the extra energy and nutrients you need for extended periods of activity. Clif bar enegy bars provide Wholesome and nutrient-dense calorie hit for long duration endurance activities and make a great post exercise energy replacement. CLIF Bars are formulated to steadily increase blood sugar levels without creating a “sugar crash” so you won't get that sugar high or low common to many high sugar bars. Clif Bars use 70% Organic Ingredients with Organic... more »