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Serving NZ since April 2000.

About Us

Endorphin Systems Sport Nutrition is NZ's Specialist in High Performance Sport Nutrition and Supplements. We're Aucklands longest running sports nutrition specialist and operate out of the FuelMe Endurance Store, offering a fully stocked supplement store based in Mangere, as well as the best range of performance sports nutrition, and natural sports supplements online. We specialise in supplements for all sports people and for anyone that lives an active, healthy lifestyle - Endurance athletes, Runners, Gym goers, and Team sports.
You can call into our retail store in side the FuelME Endurance Store, Kudos Business Center, Unit 13, 203 Kirkbride Road or shop online with Fast NZ wide delivery.
Endorphin Systems specialise in Gluten Free and Natural protein powders, as well as natural, safe to use dietary supplements. You'll find NZ's best range of natural sports supplements including vegan and vegetarian protein powders, whey proteins, casein, rice, pea, soy, micellar and even Raw protein powders, plus gluten free protein bars. We provide a massive selection of specialised nutritional supplements for sports performance, not just for the gym and weight lifting, but for everyone wanting to get more from their body, including Runners, Cyclists, Team Sports players and more.
The SportNutrition.co.nz website was set up to help make it easier for you to shop and find the best sport nutrition products that we carry in our Retail store in Mangere, Auckland. All you'll find online is the world's best brands of high performance sport nutrition and supplements for natural athletes.

"Supermarket products give you a Supermarket Body."

Endorphin Systems is committed to helping you get more from your body through better nutrition and high performance training gear and as such stock only the most effective and highest quality products available. We believe in only stocking products that will offer you the most benefit, products that we use ourselves, designed specifically for high performance athletes,so you might not find some of the "mainstream" brands with glossy labels and big advertising budgets..
You don’t want to waste all your effort in the gym, on the road, or out in the field by using ineffective products, or the wrong supplements for your goals, and we don’t want to sell you a product that isn't going to work 100% for you. We are continually assessing products to add to our range and occasionally we remove products that we don’t believe fully meet our standards.
With the huge range of products out there, we often get asked why we don’t stock particular products or ranges. We believe that what you’re putting into your body should match what you want to get out of it. For all your effort you deserve the best so you need to use the best. With cheap products and brands available at your supermarket it may seem easier just to grab something off the shelf at your local grocery store or health shop.
However there’s a phrase we like to use at Endorphin Systems - “Supermarket products give you a Supermarket body.” Meaning; You get what you pay for. These products are good entry level products for everyday people, but if you want more than just everyday results, you need to use something to match your requirements.
Endorphin Systems take the guess work out of deciding by scouring the globe for the best products on the market from a massive range of manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. We use what we sell, and the products work for us so we know they’ll work for you to, because we want the same thing that you do - More Strength, More Power, Better Endurance, Better Performance.
If you want average results then stick with what you can put in your trolley at your local supermarket. But if you want the best, make sure to see us at Endorphin Systems, your high performance sports specialists. Because if you’re a high performance athlete why should you expect anything less.

Why you should choose Endorphin Systems

Working on what we've learned over the last 16 years in the sports nutrition and supplement industry, Endorphin Systems carries only the highest quality products. We use and abuse the products we stock so we know what works and what doesn't.
If it's not going to work 100% for you, we're not going to sell it to you. We want you to perform at your best by providing you with the right nutrition and equipment, backed up by our own knowledge and experience.
We are also here to answer any and all questions you may have about the products we stock, as well as more specific training and nutrition requirements.

The Endorphin Systems Difference

1) We use what we sell.

When it comes to our own training we want the very best from ourselves so we make sure we put in only the best products. We want you to achieve the very best out of your body and training and so we won't sell you something we wouldn't use ourselves. We don't stock everything, because frankly not everything stacks up to our stringent requirements. You can trust us to provide only the best and most effective products available suited exactly to your requirements.

2) New Zealand Owned and Operated.

Being locally owned and operated means you get full after sales backup and support. Any problems with anything just return the product to us for a full refund or replacement. And because we deal directly with the local manufacturers and distributors any problems are easily traced and rectified.

3) Over 17 years in the sports nutrition business.

We've been selling sports nutrition since April 2000 so we know our stuff. And you can trust that we're not just a fly by night business. We have a reputation to live up to and are committed to offering you the best products, the best deals, and the best service.


What other store treats every customer as a VIP with exclusive closed door sales for members only offering huge savings, weekly super deal specials, monthly specials email, and great specials each and every day.

Endorphin Systems Retail Store

You'll find all the products that we carry online are also instore at Endorphin Systems inside the FuelMe Endurance Sport Store, Kudos Business Center, Unit 13, 203 Kirkbride Road, Mangere. Call in and check out one of New Zealand's widest range of specialist high performance sports nutrition products and training gear under one roof.